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Happy Sunday!

I have been busy with my newest project. All is going well but my body is wanting me to rest. I am listening!

Last week, I closed one chapter in my life and I opened a new one…  Since 2011, The Lillian McDermott Radio Show has broadcast from radio throughout Brevard County. It all began with WMEL AM 1300 and on Friday, November 30th, I aired my last show on WWBC AM1510.

Although I am still broadcasting live weekdays at 8 am out of Jacksonville on Talk FM 100.3/AM1600 and on Saturdays at 11 am on AM 600/101.1 FM WBOB, I feel a sense of mourning to walk away from my radio “Listening Friends” from Daytona Beach to West Palm Beach.

My sadness quickly turns to excitement as I embrace my next chapter…  an internet-based show on Facebook Live! (@ Facebook.com/LilliansRadioShow)

I hope you will tune in weekday mornings at 8 am. I ask that you help me spread the good news. Please tell all your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers on the street.

As always, the show will continue to be available for immediate listening by clicking on the microphone button at WhenYouNeedaFriend.com at 8 am weekdays in addition to Facebook. Each day there is a live show, it will continue to be sent out as a podcast and placed on my YouTube channel for your ease of listening and viewing on your own schedule.

I am still excited about all last week’s shows… Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to any of last week’s shows, there are two ways you can still listen. They are updated daily to our website  (Click Here to listen) and you can go YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Play MusicSpotify, Stitcher, Tunein or iHeartRadio. Search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the podcasted shows, commercial free, at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!


It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show!


Monday, 12-3-18 ~ The internet allows the world to be at our fingertips. We rely on the internet for just about everything. But as wonderful as the internet is, there is a shadow side. A side we do not want to admit is a problem. As early as 10 years of age, our children are being exposed to internet pornography. This exposure not only affects these children, but it continues to affect their brain and relationships well into adulthood. Internet pornography expert, Gary Wilson will share the side effects of pornography and how healing from this addiction will help reverse anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, and more.


Tuesday, 12-4-18 ~ Have you heard of Recall Healing? Recall Healing helps us discover the root cause of disease. Interestingly enough, the root cause can be handed down from generation to generation through our DNA. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader, PhD, has trained in German New Medicine, Neuro Emotional Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, and Imagery for Health. When she discovered Recall Healing, she found her new passion. Dr. Michelle will share how we can shift our health challenges by understanding the underlying cause of our health issues.


Wednesday, 12-5-18 ~ Just recently I was made aware and experienced the benefits of silver. Not just any silver product, but Argentyn 23. Rob MacCuspie, PhD, is the Director of Science at Natural Immunogenics and has over 17 years of experience in Nanotechnology. Dr. MacCuspie will explain how silver can be used to heal the body and will share the different ways we can use this healing modality.


Thursday, 12-6-18 ~ It’s the holiday season and, even if you do not wear makeup, we want our skin to look radiant. Who better than Rebecca Black & Kelli Bono, co-founders of Keep Me Safe Organics, to share the tips and tricks of the trade with toxin-free makeup that will help us feel beautiful. By the way, if you are looking to start a business, KMSO is also a great opportunity to be your own boss while making a difference. To get 10% off your purchase, go to Keep Me Safe Organicsenter code “Lilly10,” and SAVE!  


Friday, 12-7-18 ~ You can always count on the holiday season to place you in moments that are uncomfortable, with people who may not be among your favorites. Whenever this happens just know we are being raised to a higher place of love and gratitude. Who else to lead this discussion but our very own “Spiritual Guru,” JP Sears? JP will help us discover different ways we can love the unlovable. (Aired 12-15-17)


Saturday, 12-8-18 ~ Michael Klaper, MD, realized early in his medical career that what he learned in medical school just did not add up. An awakening in him caused him to question everything he believed true and he embraced nutritional medicine to help heal himself and his patients. Dr. Klaper will tell us about the benefits of the ancient healing power of fasting. He will teach us how to safely and effectively fast.


It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!

So, let’s discuss, listen and we will all learn together…  

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