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What a difference a day makes… On Tuesday of last week (04/16/2019), I was informed that both radio stations in Jacksonville made the decision to start airing nationally syndicated shows. As a result, my show is affected by this decision. I am grateful that they will allow me to air one last show of gratitude to my Jacksonville “Listening Friends.”

Honestly, there was a sense of relief in my body as I had been wanting to stop broadcasting from the radio to focus on Facebook Live, Podcast, and YouTube. I even had crossed out “Radio Show” and added “Classroom” on my website.

I had also been contemplating new ways to fund the show and its high costs. I considered the show becoming a nonprofit. But there are good reasons why this may not be the best solution. I am not one to ask for donations but there is a cost involved to produce the show. Then, later this past week, I received two requests from my viewing friends wanting to contribute to the show…  WOW! I am humbled and felt touched by their generous offer. We are working to figure out how to implement this change and I will let you know once we have a plan.

Manifesting occurs whether we like it or not… What we focus on expands.  Sometimes, we focus on the end of something. In reality, every ending leads to a new beginning.

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