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Are you ready to eat raw food for 30 days and see the effect it has on your body, your symptoms, and your overall health?

Lillian with Dr. Michael Klaper – Aired 04-05-22

Prep for the Raw Vegan Challenge

1st Week Zoom Session

2nd Week Zoom Session

3rd Week Zoom Session

4th Week Video Session

5th Week Video Session

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Here are some of the recent shows with Lillian and her guests talking about the power of eating raw vegan:

John Kohler – Aired 03-01-22

Markus Rothkranz/Cara Brotman – Aired 12-2-21

Brian/Anna Maria Clement – Aired 2-8-22

Dr. Lorraine Day – Aired 03-02-22

Mario Fabbri – Aired 03-09-22

Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Aired 02.18.21