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Happy Sunday!

I have driven close to 1500 miles in the last week and each mile has been unbelievably miraculous. First, last week on Friday, we went to Florida’s west coast for a mastermind and returned on Saturday. On Monday, I had a presentation at The Hippocrates Health Institute. And the icing on the cake came from experiencing a Transformational Breath ® workshop with Judith Kravitz at The Jamar Enlightenment Center in Palm Beach Gardens! I am still figuring out how my breath will help transform my life. Having gone through the experience, I must say, I am curious.


Loving my time at EvoLove Event Center

With Kelli, Rebecca, Alyssa & Dr. Siegel

With Dr. Judith Kravitz

Jamar & Alex, of The Jamar Enlightenment Center


Although I spent a lot of time driving, the rewards that awaited me were beyond remarkable. There are times that getting to where we want to go might seem tedious, but once we arrive, the journey will be well worth it. If there is something you long to do but the hurdles seem too tedious, lean into it just to get through to the other side. I promise you, the rewards will be beyond remarkable.


I am still excited about all last week’s shows… Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s shows, there are many ways you can still do that. All new shows are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past shows on  (YouTube, and on Facebook. Or you can go to Apple Podcasts, Google Play MusicSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the podcasted shows, commercial free, at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!


It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show/Classroom!


Monday, 1-20-20 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm  ~ I am committed to digging deep into our spirit until we learn the importance of healing past traumas in our lives. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Dr. Keesha Ewers was presenting at the Institute of Functional Medicine conference when I stumbled upon her talk. Although she was half-way done, I could not believe what I heard. I heard that autoimmune disease was associated with past traumas. She said, “Heal the trauma and heal the disease!” WUH???  Dr. Ewers will share how she reversed her Rheumatoid Arthritis, naturally, and how she is helping her patients with “Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle.” (Aired 1-21-19)


Tuesday, 1-21-20 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm ~ You may have heard me talk about my latest obsession… Well, it is time to share more! Have you ever wanted to change your thoughts, habits, or behaviors? BrainTap™ creator Patrick Porter, Ph.D., began his journey into the science of calming the brain at age 12. He recorded his first visualization on a cassette recorder and used it to transform himself from a self-professed “struggling student and storied troublemaker” into a three-sport athletic captain as well as an honor roll student. Dr. Porter will share how BrainTap can help us to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance.


Wednesday, 1-22-20 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm ~ How are you doing on your New Year commitments (aka resolutions)? It is a new year and, after listening to all the teachers in the classroom, I wonder if you have decided to reprogram your thoughts or even to focus on what you want? Unfortunately, many of us focus on what we do not want and, as a result, create more of what we do not want. How do we change this pattern? As we create our future, let’s get our thoughts in alignment with our desires… I will share tips on how we can change our thought patterns and create the life we desire.


Thursday, 12-23-20 Facebook Watch Party 8:05 am ~ I am so excited to have found Stephen E. Grable, MD, founder of Complementary Care Center in Jacksonville Beach, FL. He is a holistic, complementary, integrative, and functional medical doctor who thinks outside the box. We have discussed how to give the body what it needs but how do we know what the body requires to be healthy? There are many ways to listen to the body… One way is to do muscle testing, and another is to make sure your hormones are in balance. Dr. Grable will teach us about both…  WooHoo!!! Dr. Grable is in the classroom and I will be taking lots of notes! (Aired 10-10-19)


Friday, 1-24-20 Facebook Watch Party 8:05 am  ~ If you have listened to my show for more than a day or even glanced at my website, you will know how important the words “100% Responsibility” are to me. These words can change our mindset from victim to empowered. Well, apparently, speaker and author John G. Miller has also made it his mission to promote responsibility and accountability when it comes to creating the life we desire. John will share how when we ask “The Question Behind the Question,” it will change every aspect of our lives. (Aired 1-25-19)


It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!


So, let’s discuss, listen and we will all learn together…  

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