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Do you need a friend?

Many of us go through life wanting more support through our trials. We might not want to speak to the people around us because of the fear of judgment.  Perhaps, there is something we perceive as too big or there is shame involved.  Well, this site was created just for you, When You Need a Friend!  I believe that everything happens for a reason and for some reason, you found my site… This is not an accident!



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It is my goal that I learn from the people around me, as we are all both teachers and students. I want everyone I encounter to feel Empowered,  & Loved but sometimes we have days, we all do, when we just need a safe place…  A place that is Judgment Free and one that will support you in your journey!  This website is a “work in progress” just like me!  So if there is a topic you want to hear on the show; an issue, problem or victory that you want to share, please email me.




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We have grown together since starting the show…  I have changed the way I eat, I have become a Certified Life Coach and I write for Florida USA Today.  To check out all my articles Click Here to view! (You can even check out my YouTube channel and Instagram account.) 



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Let each day bring you  Love, Peace, Joy and Unexpected Abundance… I hope, in this website and in life,  you find what you need!

Make it The Best Day EVER!





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