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Lillian McDermott broadcasts shows daily on a wide range of topics to Empower those who have forgotten they matter and create 100% Responsibility for everything we do. Each week, her focus is to share friendly and respectful discussions that lead to growth. From the wise unknown person to internationally renowned celebrity experts, all come on the show to share “Love and Knowledge”! Lillian is so grateful that the show has allowed me to reach out beyond my “Circle of Friends”, to my “Listening Friends” and share the message of Hope. It is her commitment to promote Healing and her mission to make Awareness, Responsibility and Truth a part of our everyday life.

If you are new to Lillian’s “Classroom,” or want to revisit a previous broadcast, you are on the right page. You can get caught up on shows you may have missed, or even re-watch a favorite episode. Simply click the links below to visit Lilly’s YouTube Channel or her BitChute Page to access the videos.

YouTube Channel