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Happy Sunday!

Our hands and hearts have been full this weekend, and this is why…

We were with the most energetic and beautiful little 2 year old… Our youngest grandchild, Claire Alexandra Bennett!


Such a big ship… but not expecting it to be SOOO LOUD!


Claire’s parents left for a weekend cruise and we decided to go to Port Canaveral to wave them goodbye… We were not expecting the loud blast of the horn that scared both of us!!!


Here is a different perspective… Brittney & Bryan looking at us!


Friday night with our little mermaid!


1st meal was a huge success!!!


Teaching Claire how to make her favorite breakfast… MeMe’s homemade, Oatmeal Apple Pie! (All organic)


Saturday morning at the beach!


If it wasn’t for the hot sun, Claire could have stayed at the beach all day!


Playing “Jumpin’ Monkeys” with PaPa… Claire has her own rules. Needless to say, Claire won!


Such a little cutie!



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Here are some important events happening in The Classroom that will help with creating positive change in your life:



  • Could a disrupted microbiome be making you sick? It is time to learn about what microbes could be missing from your gut. Join the 6-week Super Gut Course with William Davis, MD.
      • August 1, through September 5, 2023
      • Meet: Tuesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm ET (All sessions will be recorded and can be viewed anytime.)
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  • The Emotion Code & Body Code: What is a symptom telling you? How do imbalances hold you back and affect your life? Your body is always speaking to you… Listen, Release, and change your life.
    • Click Here to learn more about attending a workshop with the creator of The Body Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson.
    • This 2-day LIVE event is November 3 – 4, 2022, in Cape Canaveral, FL.  REGISTER NOW!
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  • Optimal Treatment of Disease: This virtual workshop is for healthcare practitioners who want to learn practical protocols for the treatment of disease from Thomas Levy, MD, JD.
    • Learn the protocols and synergies of Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Hydrocortisone in the treatment of disease.
    • Learn protocols to relieve pain and other health symptoms
    • Get answers to specific health questions
    • Sunday, February 26, 2023, 12 noon Eastern Time to 6 PM, via Zoom
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        • Rapid Virus Recovery
        • Primal Panacea
        • Death by Calcium
        • Magnesium: Reversing Disease
        • Hidden Epidemic



  • 30-Day Raw Vegan Challenge: Have you ever wondered what you would feel like if you only ate real food like nature intended? Well, I did, and it changed my life!
    • Experience your 30 days with our original group!
    • Learn tricks, tips, and most importantly, how to be healthy in an unhealthy world.
    • The challenge runs anytime you want to start!
    • Cost: $49.00 for online videos
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  • Roadmap to Health: Discover the roadmap to pain and symptom relief with Thomas Levy, MD, JD.
    • Online recording of 6-hour workshop will be filled with real science and natural empowering remedies the allopathic community does NOT want you to know.
    • Cost: $350.00 
    • Click Here to learn more and register! 


I am still excited about all last week’s class sessions…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s lessons, there are many ways you can still learn and grow. All new classes are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past classes on  YouTube, Facebook, Odysee and BitChute. You can also go to Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the “podclass,” at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!



It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show/Classroom!




Monday, 6/26/23 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ Time flies when we are having fun and eating based on a nutritarian lifestyle. For the last 4 weeks, the Healthy Eating And Living (HEAL) tribe members have recommitted to eating 100% nutritarian. What an incredible experience with some old and new friends! We were even surprised by a special appearance from world renowned, New York Times bestselling author, Joel Fuhrman, MD, himself! Dr. Fuhrman is back to share his wisdom on emotional eating! Are you an emotional eater? Then, it is time to learn how to work through your emotions.  (Aired 6-24-20)



Tuesday, 6/27/23 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ William Davis, MD, is a cardiologist and author of many books including the New York Times bestselling Wheat Belly series, UNDOCTORED, and his latest book called Super Gut! In the process of seeking optimal health, I am grateful that Dr. Davis has agreed to assist us in our 6-week Super Gut workshop starting on 8/1/23! Dr. Davis is back to share how the microbiome impacts our body shape and composition. (Aired 5/24/23)


Wednesday, 6/28/23 WYNAF, Telegram, YouTube or Facebook PREMIERE 12:05 pm  ~ Last week I shared how to embrace your inner wounded child. I loved hearing your feedback! I also discovered that many of you are having a problem understanding how to focus on what you want. As a Certified Life Coach, I spend a lot of time sharing this concept, but hey… it took me a long time to understand it as well. So, in response to your amazing feedback, I will share how you can create the Life You Want. 


Thursday, 6/29/23 WYNAF, Telegram, YouTube or Facebook PREMIERE 12:05 pm  ~ Jennifer Gramith, ND, CLT, of Rightway Health and Wellness, has taught us all about the lymphatic system, dealing with emotions, and the importance of a balanced mindset. She has helped us cleanse our Gallbladder/Liver and taught us about the latest in energy medicine by introducing us to tools like EVOX and ZYTO. Dr. Jen has shared the importance of supplements and how they can help us potentially avoid medications. But not all supplements are created equal. Dr. Jen will share which ingredients to avoid when choosing a supplement.


Friday, 6/30/23 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ As you all know by now, we are in the process of completing and recuperating from our move. It literally took us 3 days to move 3 buildings away! Just like the Exodus was a journey we all can learn from, everything in our lives offers many gifts and lessons… I will share the lessons I learned from this move to a new location, and compare how it was also a journey about accepting change. (Aired 12/3/20)



It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s listen, discuss, and all learn together!

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