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Happy Sunday!


This week on our 90 Day Challenge to Self Love, we are focusing on our Passions.  Finding our passion is essential to living a life with purpose.  All of my guests this week have discovered their passions and they are joining us to share their wisdom and knowledge. You can start your journey to self-love at any time by just Clicking Here!



What most of this week’s guests have in common is that we can meet them, in person, at The Vikasa Expo on January 24th & 25th!  Best of all, if you mention The Lillian McDermott Radio Show, you can get in for free, a savings of $12 each day!  Everyone who goes to the Vikasa Expo will get a chance to win a vacation getaway.  If you already have tickets and you mention the radio show, you will get an extra chance at winning their vacation giveaway!  The Vikasa Expo is all about health, nutrition and personal growth. There will be lots to learn, to do and you will get many gifts…  Wow, what a way to start 2015!  So mark your calendars!!!



We are continuing to improve and grow on the show. Soon you will be receiving instructions on how to subscribe to the show’s podcast, so that you can automatically download and listen to it at your convenience…  For now, if you missed listening to any of last week’s shows, they are updated daily… Click Here to listen and let’s continue to Grow Together!



It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show.


Monday, 1-19-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~  When was the last time you thought about your lymphatic system?  For many of us that is not a conversation we ever have.  Well, Lareece Long, an experienced health and wellness professional, certified as a Colon-Hydro Therapist Instructor and a BELD Lymphologist Specialist (Bio-Photonic Lymphatic Detoxification and Drainage), will join us to create awareness of the importance of “Lymphasizing.”



Tuesday, 1-20-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~  Have you ever wondered if there was a holistic substitution for prescription medication?  Well, wonder no more!   There are times Pharmaceuticals might be needed but Marjorie Roberts, RN, has made it her mission to teach how to Replace Toxic Drugs with Safe Homeopathics!  You know I will be taking lots of notes!



Wednesday, 1-21-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ It is the 3rd Wednesday of the month and our very own Board Certified Holistic Doctor Eudene Harry, MD is back to share her wisdom on this New Year!  Are you already struggling to keep up with your “Resolutions” or New Year commitments?  Well, Dr. Harry will share how to make 2015 the Best Year Ever!



Thursday, 1-22-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ One Heart for Women and Children‘s mission is to provide the necessary resources for families as they transition through and overcome varying hardships of daily living. Stephanie Bowman will share her story and how the events in her life helped create this organization that offers resources to educate, empower, and mentor men, women and children.



Friday, 1-23-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ It is time to enter into a mindset of peace and calmness as we welcome Karina Skye to grace us with her talents.  Who is Karina?  She is a Singer, songwriter, Yoga instructor and visionary and she will guide us through a breathtaking musical guided meditation like we’ve never experienced before.  I cannot wait for her voice, message, and personality to move and inspire us.



It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!





So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…  

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