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A Journey To:  Awareness, Acceptance, and Agape Love!

The Second 30 Days:  Acceptance

Days 38 – 44


Congratulations on making it through the second week of the second 30 days…  How did you do?  Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?  If you do, feel free to send them to Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com.



Welcome to the next seven days!  Time is going too fast and it is time to slow down and do some Cognitive Restructuring…  Let’s embrace all our “perfect imperfections” without judgement!   Listen to this song as the, “Me, Myself & I” that you are!  



Days  38 – 44:  Make a commitment to yourself and establish a new relationship with the things you reject about yourself, your “Perfect Imperfections”, during this period.  Go back to your day 31 list, take time every day during these six days to think about why you reject/dislike this aspect of yourself and whether or not it is possible to change it.  For instance, if you have struggled with your weight, rather than committing to go on a diet or “eat healthier,” say to yourself, “I Love My Body (or a particular body part) and I Will Make Loving Decisions About It.”  If you have a feeling you don’t like, such as anger or anxiety, say to yourself; “When I Feel _________ (Anger, Anxiety) or when I feel the urge to say or think something negative, I will instead focus on something loving I learned last or this week about myself and allow the Peace of those thoughts to help me through the moment.”  You can also listen to my Mind, Body, Spirit, Positive Affirmations Audio link or tell yourself your mantra!


Write about your experience and feelings about yourself in your journal and also:


Journal on your RAK!


Remember, BG!


Please remember:  When we are on a plane, we are told to place the oxygen mask on our face before we place it on the face of our minor children… So, let’s remember to Be Gentle (BG) on ourselves during this time of self-awareness.



Here is a tip…  If at any time you feel anxious or bad about yourself; SHIFT!  You might be in your EGO.  Refocus on your blessings and the things that you perceive are going well in your life.  Keep counting and focusing, until you reconnect with your Spirit.  How do we know when we are in our SPIRIT?  Well, you feel:  Strength, Peace, Inspired, Responsible, Intuitive and Trust!




You can do this…  I believe in you!!!




Please note:  If at any time you need help processing or have any questions, email me at Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com or Dr. Dave at David@DrDavidBakerHargrove.com



If you like, each day, share/post your feelings and/or pictures on one of the following: 


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