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I am looking for balance…  I need to create balance by the thoughts I think, the way I feel and how I act!  If I were to step back and compare myself to the tires on my car, I would say, “my tires need to be rotated and balanced because the ride is a little bumpy.”



Today, my husband, Robert said; “you have been so busy, that you have not had time to blog!  When was the last time you really blogged?”  Well, I was awakened at 2 am and what better place to spend my time; at my computer, pouring out my heart! 😉



Doing the radio show, weekdays from 9 am to 10 am, on top of everything else I do, has been different and new.   However, I know my life is out of balance and here are my clues.



Clue #1 – I find myself wanting to stowaway in people’s luggage when I hear of their vacation plans.



Clue #2 – My body is in constant motion and when I sit for any length of time, my body thinks it’s time to sleep.



Clue #3 – My closet is a mess!!



For those of you who have never been to my house, I like everything in its place, especially right before company arrives. But even those who have been to my house have never, ever seen my messy closet.



Let’s take a journey into my closet!  My very messy closet…



This is a place where no one is allowed.  This is the place where I keep my clothes, shoes, pictures, books, and all the special treasures I buy as gifts throughout the year.  At times I’ll find trash gathered from my “last minute dash” to clean my room prior to guests arriving.



This closet has gotten so messy that every time I go into it I bump my head, jab my foot or trip on something.  Walking inside my closet is like walking a tight rope!  I am beginning to avoid going into my closet or even looking at it and my closet door remains closed.



Isn’t that what we do with our problems?  We shove them aside, ignore them, numb or hide them and blame others for them.  It never ceases to amaze me how simple it is…  When I clean my closet, I find that all is well within me.   But cleaning my closet requires awareness, action and acceptance!



My closet is a mirror into what is going on inside of me…  So, if I want to know if my life is out of balance…  I go to my closet!



What about you? Do you have a “mirror” or visual by which you can measure your balance?  If so, what is it?  A “catch all” drawer?  Too much sugar or unhealthy eating?  Excessive drinking of alcohol or taking that “little pill” that makes all our problems disappear?  Is it too much time at the gym or at work or watching TV?  We, in essence, close the door to our heart and refuse to deal with whatever is causing the “bumpy ride”.



We must sit and think; “is my life in balance?  If not, how can I achieve it?  What am I willing to do TODAY, to achieve the balance I desire?”  (Only YOU can answer those questions.)



For me, balance is near…  I can think, see and breathe it!  So, if you will excuse me, I am going to clean my closet, and my car and my office too!  Yes, I know what you are thinking…  “Overachiever!” 😉  Actually, I need to be what I want to create and so the mantra begins…   “ooommm, ooommm…  I am balanced, I am balanced, I am balanced!”



What do you want to achieve?  What is your mantra?  Share it today on “Friendly Friday”  Call the show at 321-631-1300!!!




So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…

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