The answer to this question is obviously Orange Juice…  Why? Because the orange juice was in it!


So what happens to you when you are squeezed? What kind of “juice” comes out of you?  Does “kindness, love, patience and forgiveness” juice come out or is it “bitterness, anger, judgment and sarcasm” juice?


Here is another question…  What happens to gold that is heated in fire?  The answer:  Fire is the best way to purify gold. When all the impurities are gone, you have 24-karat gold — the most valuable grade!


We all have our moments of being squeezed and being tested by fire but how you look at these moments is what truly matters.


I have certainly had my share of these moments but when I look to see how this happened or why I am going through this trial, I always find that I was called to a higher or different place.  I needed to go through whatever it was so I can learn forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.


If I am truly honest with myself, the moments where I have felt squeezed or under fire have been the times I have grown the most.  There have been many times where I was not proud of the “juice” that came out of me but the more I am aware that I can choose how I react, the faster my recovery.  Do I want to go through trials?  HECK NO!!!  But if it is happening…  Then I must learn.


How we get through our trials defines who we really are and hopefully, by the time we receive our last trial, we can smile, be grateful and know I am the most valuable grade!


What about you?  What comes out of you when you are going through your trials?


  1. I have heard the story of the purification of gold under fire from you first hand and I wanted to share how that story impacted me. First of all, the thought of being compared to gold made me feel treasured. Secondly, the analogy of coming under fire being a means of purification made it easier for me to weather through storms. It became easier to search for meaning and the lessons I am to learn through my trails, searching for meaning and lessons also makes the trails more bearable. It’s easy to succumb to the horrors of life, but when you have the right tools to make it through it becomes impossible not to grow from every experience.

    • Well said Nina!
      Your feedback is so greatly appreciated and I hope to continue to read your reflections on my blog.
      Please continue to encourage others to not only view my site but also become a subscriber!
      Much Love,

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