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Happy Sunday & Merry Christmas!

I hope your Christmas has been special so far! For us, we spent Christmas Eve with my parents, my siblings and their families, and our daughter and her family. So much love and laughter!

Christmas Eve morning started at Grace church!


Special snuggle time with Jacob & Claire


Silly snuggles!


I got my Mommy snuggles and Christmas hugs


Loved my Daddy Christmas hugs & kisses


My sister and I are reindeer bookends! My brother did not get the “twinzies” memo


With our cousin Janine and my favorite photo-bomber, Brittney!


Our Christmas Eve celebration with the family


Then we spent the night with our daughter Brittney and our son-in-love Bryan as we wait in anticipation for Jacob & Claire to open their gifts from Santa, parents, and MeMe & PaPa! Awww… The innocence of youth!


After we leave The Bennetts, we will make our first stop to the home of Robert’s oldest son. We look forward to spending time with Tim, Jessica, Alyssa, Timmy, and Bryson. Our next stop will be with our oldest daughter Ashley and our son-in-love Eric… It is always entertaining and fun when we are with Ashley and Eric, along with Bailey, Jonathan, and Rylan.

Tomorrow, we shift gears and look forward to spending time with The McDermotts! Awww… we love family reunions.


Now, we get to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas… So, to stay in the Christmas spirit, I will continue to share pictures of our holiday celebration as well as share more of my favorite Christmas songs.

I am still in shock at how fast this year has flown by… the New Year is almost here. GULP!!! New Year’s Day is the day we can reset or restart our lives! (But we can truly reset and start over at any moment all through the year.) Since I am still in “holiday mode,” and taking a bit of a break, I will share an article I wrote in 2017 called Being RADICAL will keep the New Year, New!


Enjoy ringing in the New Year… And Please Celebrate Responsibly!

May 2023 bring you clarity of Spirit, Mind, and Body.

And may this new year be The Best Year EVER!

Wishing You a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!






Here are some important events happening in The Classroom that will help with creating positive change in your life:




  • Have you been told or believe that your DNA decides your health? Do you have a health concern that requires medications for the rest of your life? Would you like to learn New Truths about Natural Health solutions? If so, please join us:
    • I AM the SOLUTION ~ Natural Health Summit!
    • Wonderful Speakers: Anna Maria & Brian Clement, Thomas Levy, MD, JD, Jennifer Gramith, ND, and more
    • Great Vendors!
    • Saturday, January 21, 2023 ~ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • 1100 Rockledge Blvd, Rockledge, Florida
    • Cost: $99.00
      • Regular: $99.00 ($75.00 Early Registration ends 12/31/21)
      • VIP: $159.00 ($135.00 Early Registration ends 12/31/21)


  • Optimal Treatment of Disease: This virtual workshop is for healthcare practitioners who want to learn practical protocols for the treatment of disease from Thomas Levy, MD, JD.
    • Learn the protocols and synergies of Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Hydrocortisone in the treatment of disease.
    • Learn protocols to relieve pain and other health symptoms
    • Get answers to specific health questions
    • Sunday, February 26, 2023, 12 noon Eastern Time to 6 PM, via Zoom
    • Cost $399.00 (Early Registration $350.00 until 1/25/23)
      • When you register for the Optimal Treatment of Disease course, you will also receive the links to download FIVE of Dr. Levy’s digital books!
        • Rapid Virus Recovery
        • Primal Panacea
        • Death by Calcium
        • Magnesium: Reversing Disease
        • Hidden Epidemic










      • 30-Day Raw Vegan Challenge: Have you ever wondered what you would feel like if you only ate real food like nature intended? Well, I did, and it changed my life!
        • Experience your 30 days with our original group!
        • Learn tricks, tips, and most importantly, how to be healthy in an unhealthy world.
        • The challenge runs anytime you want to start!
        • Cost: $49.00 for online videos
        • Accept the Challenge… Purchase Now!
      • Roadmap to Health: Discover the roadmap to pain and symptom relief with Thomas Levy, MD, JD.
        • Online recording of 6-hour workshop will be filled with real science and natural empowering remedies the allopathic community does NOT want you to know.
        • Cost: $350.00 
        • Click Here to learn more and register! 


I am still excited about all last week’s class sessions…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s lessons, there are many ways you can still learn and grow. All new classes are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past classes on  YouTube, Facebook, Odysee and BitChute. You can also go to Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the “podclass,” at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!



It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show/Classroom!



Monday, 12-26-22 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ Have you ever wanted to change your thoughts, habits, or behaviors? BrainTap™ creator Patrick Porter, Ph.D., began his journey into the science of calming the brain at age 12. Now, he has taken his passion to help the lives of others to an art. Dr. Porter is back and he will share how BrainTap can help us relax, reboot, and revitalize our sleep habits.  Click Here for a FREE 15 Day Trial!

Silent Night


Tuesday, 12-27-22 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ From the moment I totally committed to a natural holistic life, I thought, I would love to create an event where likeminded people could gather and learn from one another. I have created events for The Emotion Code and The Body Code with Bradley Nelson, DC. When Brian Clement, PhD, said that if I created the event, he would speak, then, I knew the vision would materialize! With EXCITEMENT, I look forward to sharing what is being birthed… the I AM the SOLUTION Natural Health Summit!!! (Aired 12/1/22)


Christmas Auld Lang Syne


Wednesday, 12-28-22 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ Anna Maria and Brian Clement, co-directors of Hippocrates Wellness, began their raw vegan journey many years ago. At Hippocrates, regardless of their health concerns, all guests are taught how food is medicine and how emotions must be embraced. Anna Maria and Brian will be the featured speakers at the I AM the SOLUTION ~ Natural Health Summit and I am grateful that today they will share how we can live a healthy life well into our 100’s by the power of our healthy choices. (Aired 12/13/22)

A Strange Way to Save the World


Thursday, 12-29-22 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ BoardCertified cardiologist, Thomas Levy, MD, JD, has taught us the benefits of vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide and how toxins in the mouth can cause disease. We even completed The Roadmap to Health virtual workshop that is now available to you online. With so many health concerns and symptoms, it is so important that our practitioners learn how to best serve their patients or clients. Dr Levy is back to encourage us to invite our medical practitioners to his next virtual workshop, Optimal Treatment of Disease! Let’s require that our medical professionals learn these natural protocols! (Aired 12/14/22)

Feliz Navidad


Friday, 12-30-22 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm ~ Have you been feeling extreme exhaustion, joint pain, low libido, palpitations, or confused? Have you experienced frequent urination, fevers, excessive sweating (especially at night), insomnia, pain, or depression? World-renowned integrative physician, Lee Cowden, MD, has seen many patients who are being treated for these symptoms. But the root cause is not being looked at. What if these symptoms are connected? Dr. Cowden is back to share how many diagnoses can be linked to mold, metals, and microbes toxicity. (Aired 11/9/22)

Grown up Christmas List  



It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s listen, discuss, and all learn together!


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