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Happy Sunday & Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!

It seems every weekend we have visitors. This weekend is no exception.

Well, since I did extra writing for my Florida Today article last weekend, I thought I would share it with you…  My article is about keeping that New Year’s feeling, even when the new year gets older.  So, Click Here, if you want to read it. I hope you enjoy it!


I am still excited about all of last week’s shows…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well.  If you missed listening to any of last week’s shows, there are two ways you can still listen. They are updated daily to our website (Click Here to listen) and you can go to iTunes (for iPhones), Google Play Music (for Android phones) or iHeartRadio, search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the shows, commercial free, at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!


It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show!


Monday, 1-16-17 ~  I just love internationally renowned health coach and author of “Happy Healthy Thyroid,” Andrea Beaman!  The last time she was on the show, we started strategizing on other ways we can be our own healer.  This time she will teach us how we can visually diagnose our deficiencies.  Make sure you listen with a mirror in your hand.


Tuesday, 1-17-17 ~  When I can combine my favorite natural pain relief product, with my favorite pharmacist, I am in heaven.  Pharmacist and owner of “The Pharmacy,” Ross Clark, will join me as we discuss a Pain-Free Demo being held at his facility on January 18th and 19th.  My favorite natural pain relief product is a microcurrent technology called Avazzia. It is FDA cleared for pain relief. Also joining us will be Acupuncturist, Marna Rasmussen, and pharmacist, Al Gagliardi, to share their healing story.  It will be a full house!  Click the flyer link,  to learn more  The-Pharmacy-Demo-Sign


Wednesday, 1-18-17 ~ Have you been eating your G-BOMBS?  World-renowned 5-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and regular on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Joel Fuhrman is back!  He will share which foods to avoid and of course, which foods promote health.  (Here is a tip on the healthy foods…  G-BOMBS! 😉


Thursday, 1-19-17 ~ It has been a while since Orly Wahba has been on the show. I am so excited that the director of the Kindness Boomerang viral video, the creator of Dance for Kindness, and the founder of Life Vest Inside is back to share some great news.  Orly has a new book and guess what it is called?  You guessed it…  Kindness Boomerang! I look forward to reconnecting with her.


Friday, 1-20-17 ~ Have you been diagnosed with an “itis”? (Arthritis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, to name a few.) Pediatrician and author of The Inflammation Solution, Dr. William Sears, will share how the 5 S’s will keep you and your family disease and “itis” free.


It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!


So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…  

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