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It’s not what we don’t know that harms us; it’s what we do know that ain’t so.
Mark Twain



Are you done growing and feel you have all the answers?   Ooops…  let me rephrase that question…  Are you done breathing?



In life, we need to be open for growth.  Each day is a new opportunity to grow and if you look at life with fear rather than love, growth might take on a different four-letter word meaning.



If you are contemplating a life you currently do not have or in some way discontent with your current life, I would like to suggest the following:


  1. Take time to visualize what you want:  Create a vision board or write a list of goals and do not be afraid to dream big!
  2. Look at your dreams and goals each day and imagine yourself already there:  It is one thing to look at a goal but feeling as if you already have it, gets you to that next level.
  3. Make an action plan:   All you need to get started are those first few steps.  Allow yourself to make mistakes, get crazy uncomfortable and start taking “baby steps”!



If you are currently experiencing discontentment…  Congratulations!   Your body and essence want to be set free.   Many of us sometimes just need a little help from a friend to get us to that next level of awareness. If you need a good friend to turn to, I am here, When You Need a Friend!


I am not just a friend…  I am a certified life coach and if you feel you want more out of life or just a listening ear, please feel free to email me at Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com




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