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Dear Friends!

When I was younger, I would prepare all year long to prank my family and friends on April 1st!

I do have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh, but it has been over 20 years since my last prank. I am a bit rusty and apparently no one expects it from me anymore.

While writing my blog, I decided I would be silly about the announcement of my book, “my baby.” I have truly felt like an expectant mother and once again, I thought I would do what I now call, my last prank!

I thought everyone would figure out that “Monday’s show,” was April Fools! I even went against Robert’s advice to write “Monday’s April Fool’s Day show.”

Instead, I received the nicest heartfelt congratulatory emails, texts and calls… The prank quickly backfired! (Unless you were all pranking me by playing along. Hmmm… Well played!)

So, “my baby” is my book and writing this book has been reminiscent of my pregnancies full of anticipation for the new birth.

Now, if you read what I wrote, all of it is true. But this time know that I have openly shared, I have no uterus and I am post-menopausal… Details I should have, once again, mentioned in my previous blog! 😉

“I also know I will be 56 when the baby is born. But I am thrilled! I found out the news on March 17th and the due date is November 6, 2019!

I will talk about it on Monday’s show. I hope you will send me love, support, and good wishes as we await this beautiful miracle!”

As a person who takes 100% ownership for everything I create, I want to apologize for my lack of thinking things through. I am truly sorry and I hope you will be able to forgive me and can laugh about this someday.

I still need your love, support and good wishes as I pour myself in to “my baby”/my book!

I wish you Peace, Love, Joy and Unexpected Abundance…  Make it The Best April 1st, EVER!


PS: It is nice to know that you are actually reading my blog…  Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading it. Thank You!  <3 

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