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On Monday, 8-18-14, Orthomolecular Psychiatrist, Dr. Alice Lee, MD, was on my show…  Click Here to listen to the 8-18-14 show.   After the show she shared a recent story of someone she could not help.  I asked if she would share her story with my listening friends and this is what she wrote:



Dear Lillian,



As I had mentioned off the show today, I had been away for almost two weeks, before coming back to work, and I was going through my voice mails and responding back to those who were interested in becoming new patients.  One voice mail was from a lady who was calling about “a loved one” with bipolar illness.  I called her back and asked her how I could help her.  She said, with great sadness in her voice, “He’s taken his life.”



I was shocked.



“He’s taken his life?” I asked.



“Yes.” She said.



“He’s dead?” I asked.



“Yes.” She said.



She told me that he had been on many medications and nothing worked to take away his depression.  He had not been open to orthomolecular/functional medicine, despite her attempts to inform him. It made me feel sad that this happened, and that I could not stop this suicide.



What I need to tell people is this: orthomolecular/functional medicine and energy medicine work powerfully, and people can heal from their depression even when medications fail them.  Better yet, try using an orthomolecular/functional approach first, before getting dependent on prescription medications.  It could save you from many years of suffering.  I say this from personal experience and from the perspective of someone who has helped many heal from depression, using natural approaches.  I know this to be true, and that it’s possible.  Have hope.  There are alternatives.



As she shared this story, I could not help but feel great frustration that we have been lied to, lied to about the effects of medications!  If we know it is a lie, why do we still believe it?  So What? Now What?  After I learned Santa Clause was not “real,” I learned where my gifts came from and that everything I wanted came at a cost for my parents.  Our parents, for the most part, want what is best for us.  If we continue to believe that someone who doesn’t know us will make the best decisions for us, then, this belief will be of great cost to US!  Being in this kind of “Comfort Zone,” could kill us!



It is time for us to Take OUR Life BACK and learn THE TRUTH about how to best support our Mind, Body & Spirit!  Let’s LEARN new ways to Think, Eat and BE!



Before we take a pharmaceutical pill, please know there are other options.  Orthomolecular Medicine, along with looking at our life as a Gift with Many Lessons, are options that will lead to Peace, Acceptance, Freedom, Joy and Self Love!  I like these side effects much better!


“You can take a pill or You can take RESPONSIBILITY!”(sm)



To learn more about Orthomolecular Medicine Click Here!  It is time to be our own advocate and heal naturally! 



So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…

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