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Happy New Year!  It is that time again when we convince ourselves that if we declare a New Year’s resolution that somehow it will come true.



I am someone who works out at a local gym at least two to three times a week.  Each year I notice that at the beginning of January, I cannot find a treadmill to walk on because the gym is packed!  Come February, we are back to “normal”.  Back to the same old routine… and my treadmill is waiting for me like a trusted companion and friend. YES!    The reality is that most resolutions last about two weeks to a month.   Lifetime changes can be achieved, however, when we set ourselves up for success.



When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, the goal is to achieve happiness.  One might believe; “if I accomplish, insert goal here, then I will be happy!”  Even while remaining diligent to change, two weeks or so go by and although changes might be occurring, happiness has not been achieved.  So, sabotage happens!   (That is why personal growth is so important and a passion of mine.  Here are a few suggestions…  (Attend~TMC Productions Leadership Workshops or the I Can Do It! Seminars  or Hire a life coach: ME! )



Because resolutions don’t seem to last, I do not make “Resolutions” any more.  What I do instead is take a personal inventory.  I seek awareness and I take RESPONSIBILITY for the life I have created and want to improve for myself.  I take responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly…  Yes, I used the “R” word!!!



There are things I cannot control but I can remain open to embrace reconciliation, healing or harmony, when the opportunity is given.  There are things I can control such as a healthy lifestyle, my actions/behaviors and dreams.  Then I make a plan to create a successful outcome.  I look at the goals I made the previous year and acknowledge myself for the successes.  I also look at the things I did not accomplish.  I ask myself; “Do I still want to accomplish this goal?”  “What is keeping me from achieving my goal?” and “What am I willing to do in order to create what I want?”



Last year, daily meditation was one of my goals and although I attempted different ways to meditate, nothing has really become part of my daily routine.  So, when it comes to meditation, I need to figure out something new that works for me.   (Still working on this goal!)



Another goal for last year was my desire to learn about nutrition and to get off all my prescribed drugs. Because of this desire, I discovered rather quickly that I had to relearn everything I thought I knew about nutrition and vitamin supplementation.  I must say this has been my biggest change ever!  I went from carnivore to vegan, I juice every day and now have an organic vegetable garden!  I am positively affirming a “green thumb”!  😉



One of my goals for this year, after January 6, 2014, when the 12 Days of Christmas are complete, is to do a 10 day liquid cleanse…  and may God have mercy on my soul!  😉  The purpose for the cleanse is to detoxify all my organs as I continue my new vegan, holistic lifestyle.  (I know this doesn’t sound appealing but if you are interested in learning more, contact me.)



We all have things we want to change or improve upon in our lives.  To help support us on our 2014 New Year’s “Responsibility” journey, my first radio show of the year, this Saturday, January 4, 2014, will be all about tips on how to achieve the life you desire.



Please call the show at 321-631-1300, share on this page or send me a private email to Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com and share what you would like to create for 2014!  (If you already have a “Responsibility” plan, share that too.)



I have a few areas I want to improve; One of my goals is to create unity within my family and another is to get off the last pharmaceutical prescription I am on… Synthroid.  (I want to use herbs to get the same job done.)    So, what area in your life do you seek awareness and responsibility?   I look forward to reading your comments!



Let’s make 2014 the best year ever!



The Lillian McDermott Radio Show ~ Saturday, from 12 pm to 2 pm ~ On “The Talk To Me Station” AM 1300 WMEL & Worldwide on www.WhenYouNeedaFriend.com.



Listen on your Smart Phone by downloading the USTREAM app…  (Found on the homepage) Once downloaded, search for WMEL.  It is that easy!  😉





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