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New Truths Series

Are you worried about your health and where to find food and water in these uncertain times? Are you concerned with being reliant on the government and the current food supply system?


God’s Plan for R.E.A.L. Survival and Health with Garry Tibbo is what you have been waiting for!

What You Will Gain From this Series of Workshops:

Workshop Series Early Registration price: $250

·      Beginning on 07/01/22 the full price will be $300

·      Gain access to all live sessions with Garry Tibbo and Lillian McDermott

·      Experience 12 workshops full of Garry’s inspired lifetime of learning

·      Learn how to improve your health

·      Learn how to live off the land

·      Gain improved knowledge of the environment and what God has provided for us!

·      Have your questions answered by Garry

·      Gain access to all session recordings to watch on your schedule

·      Join the New Truths private Facebook page and community

Register for this Amazing Workshop Series Below:


Early Registration Workshop Ticket: $250/person
After 05/31/22, Full price will be $300

Attending this series of 12 weekly workshops will help you to improve your health and your knowledge of the environment along with what God has provided in advance for us. So many are worried about what they are going to eat. People are realizing that what they are getting from the store is not helping their body and their health. We are witnessing the destruction of the country and the world. Many are fearful that the government will cut off the power, the food, and cut off the bare necessities. 

How do we create independence from the government? How can we gain a greater dependence on the land God provided? We all need to learn about the alternatives and learn to live with less. Now is the time to learn the critical survival skills to live off the land and become more healthy.


– Led by Garry Tibbo