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One of my goals for 2014 is to cleanse my body.  Well, today is my first day!  So let me share what happened.



Matthew 6:22   “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,



I went to an Iridologist a few weeks ago who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Iridology has fans and foes, just like any group that counters “traditional” western medicine.  (Click here to watch The Beautiful Truth)  Because I am aware that perfectly wonderful cures have been deemed as “Quackery”, I decided to take my chances.



When the Iridologist looked into my right eye, her first reaction was to say that I was toxic!  Then she looked in my left eye, she again said; “you are really toxic, your liver is working overtime…  We need to cleanse your blood first!”  We discussed certain issues she discovered and I felt that many things she said were spot on.



Because both of our schedules are busy, I finally went back this week and started the process of detoxifying my blood.  She gave me strict and specific instructions.  I listened to her every word and took lots of notes.  Then she gave me some herbs (looked more like a potpourri) that I needed to boil and store in a sealed glass jar.  (No Plastic!)  So, I went to the store and got my glass jar, came home and boiled “the brew”.  Needless to say, the house did not smell pretty… this was no potpourri, more like “poopourri”!  😉



As I am pouring the elixir that will clean my blood into the glass, I heard a sound…  (One instruction she gave me was to make sure I scrape every particle into the jar. Being the good little girl that I am, I worked very hard to do so).  Then I noticed that brown water was pouring onto the counter and realized that the noise I heard was the glass jar cracking.



Wow!  I could not believe that this happened and immediately asked for my husband to assist me… we transferred the mixture into a glass pitcher and I went out to get another glass jar.  Finally, the precious elixir is stored but now I am thinking; “what about any glass fragments?  I am not drinking this batch!”



Today, January 31, 2014, is the start of my cleanse!  I prepared my second batch and took my “magic potion”.  I am happy to report… I am still alive!  😉  The “tea” tasted like old coffee that had been left on the burner all day long.  It wasn’t that bad.



The plan is for me to drink ½ a cup of this “tea” for the next 5 days.  On the 6th day, I stop drinking the “tea” and on the 7th day I will start my organ cleanse!   For the next 5 days I will drink my “tea” first thing in the morning and eat as I normally do.   The 3 day organ cleanse is more aggressive as I will only be able to drink a “water” mixture.  (I will share more as I learn.)



For now, day 1, I feel good!  Go to my fanpage to see a picture of the cracked jar and my “TEA”!



Feel free to contact me at Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com or you can post with your questions.





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