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Yesterday, while driving to a client’s office on busy US 1, my car decided to break down while waiting at a red light.  It was almost as if the gas stopped communicating with the engine.


After multiple attempts to restart the car before the light turned green, it became apparent that my car was not going anywhere.  I was the first car at the light and there were many behind and beside me.  I did the only thing my father taught me to do…  I turned on my hazard lights, stuck my arm out the window (to alert those behind to go around me) and then proceeded to call my husband, mechanic and AAA!  With each cycle of the red light, my chances of being in an accident grew.  I knew I was in a dangerous situation and needed to get off the road but I had no idea what else to do.


My mechanic told me there was nothing he could do but that he would wait for my car.  My husband, Robert, immediately left home to be my “night and shining armor!”   AAA started asking me questions about my membership, my location… and that is when my “Earth Angel” appeared!


Out of nowhere, while still on the phone with AAA, this tall, muscular man asked; “Are you ok?  Can I help you push your car to safety?”  Oh my, God had heard my silent prayers…  The many I said while starting my car, hitting my hazards, and calling for help…  God sent me an angel!    The man asked me to please put my car in neutral.  At that moment I noticed there were no cars around me.  This is a busy highway and there were NO CARS!  I turned to my angel and asked; “what is your name?”  He replied, “Chuck!”


Chuck then proceeded to push my car across three lanes, from a dangerous place into JAG Window Tinting’s parking lot.  Finally, I was safe!  I thanked Chuck and said; “you are my angel!” and he smiled flew away.  He actually had to cross over 6 lanes of traffic to get to his car.


Once safe in the parking lot, Tate and James (JAG Window Tinting employees) came out to help and took over for Chuck.  That is when my husband arrived and, while waiting 1 hour for the tow truck to arrive, the next shift of angels tried to resuscitate my uncooperative vehicle without success.


As I reflect on the experience of how all these angels came together, I realized how much we all need each other.  There I was, feeling stranded, weak and vulnerable. Funny thing… All I needed masterfully came together…  I trusted that everything would be ok, and it was, but it took someone to get it started!


A single act of kindness became so contagious that it made all of us want to be or do better and to help someone in need!    Chuck did not have to stop to help, but he did!


How many times have I driven by someone stranded on the road?  How many people do I encounter each day that could use a smile, a gentle touch, words of encouragement or acknowledgement?  How many times do I ignore those in need?   How many different times do I make an unconscious decision to not make a difference throughout the day?  Chuck was a great teacher and a great example of “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.”


So here is what Chuck sparked in me…  Each day, I will do at least one random act of kindness… and if you want to do the same, you can share on this post.  Please share some of your ideas and outcomes.  Let’s get our eyes out of our electronics and start “paying it forward”.  I promise, not only will you and the person you help feel good, anyone who witnesses your act of kindness will feel good as well.   Be an Earth Angel and be the one who ignites the spark!


Needless to say…  Thank You Chuck, Tate, James & Robert.  I am most grateful!




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