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This weekend I had the opportunity to grow with a group of friends.  Together, we completed a “ropes course”.  We played like little kids and had a lot of fun but each game we played,  contained many lessons…  Because I had already experienced one of the games, the facilitator asked that I be blind, deaf & mute during the entire process and placed a blindfold over my eyes (For those of you who don’t know me very well, you would think I got paid by the word… 😉 )  What happened next was totally unexpected.  All my other senses became very strong but I could not use these senses to help my team.  The only thing I could do was “Trust the Process!”

The goal was the following: We were all trying to get 16 people through a hula-hoop.  Two different people were holding the hoop and all 16 of us were holding hands.  We could not let go or touch the hoop.  The hoop symbolized a “ring of fire” and if any part of our bodies touched the ring, the process would “reset” and we would start again.

Needless to say, there was a lot of discussion and many tried to make me laugh but I stayed true to my commitment to be silent.  When the time came to put me through the “ring of fire”, the team thought I was resisting or making it difficult to get me through the ring.  In reality, I could not move due to the positioning of my body.  My friends or “the team” quickly analyzed the situation and saw that I was really off balance; I didn’t have to say a word and once they realized, they followed through with the necessary adjustments.  It wasn’t long before we achieved success…  We all made it through the ring, my blindfolds came off and we celebrated; VICTORY!

So here comes a random Winnie-the-Pooh quote; Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” ― A.A. Milne

The next morning, as I was drinking my decaffeinated coffee my dog, Five Pound Maximus or “Max” for short, interrupted my quiet time.  He looked at me and looked at the back door…  Then looked at me and looked at the back door.  It became apparent that he needed to go out.  (He also does this when he wants water or food but it goes like this…  He somehow gets my attention, normally with a quick bark, looks at me and runs to his water/food bowl.)  Max never says a word yet, I know exactly what he wants!

Why am I connecting these two stories?  Because they have many lessons in common!

When my friends stopped thinking I was working against them, they saw I was in need and willingly gave me support.  Max came to me and I put aside my need for comfort.

Awareness… When there is awareness, not many words need to be spoken!

I want to encourage you to witness the world expecting nothing and willing to support.  Please share with all of us so you can become our teacher…   I cannot wait to read what you learned!

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