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Happy Sunday!

September… Can you believe that September is almost here?!? This means that we are only a couple of weeks away from the next New Truths Series: I AM the SOLUTION virtual weekend workshop & Continuing Education for the Soul on September 17-19, 2021. Click Here to learn more and register… We only have a few spots left. If you have been thinking about it, now is the time… What are you waiting for? REGISTER NOW!


I am saddened to see the latest push to inject the world… Regardless of where you stand on taking the covid shot, I hope we can all agree that it should not become forced or mandated.

A woman wanting to have an abortion can say, “My Body, My Choice!” But it is not ok, if I say the same thing regarding injecting a synthetic drug, that has no purpose, into my body!

The makers of this shot have zero liability and it does not protect us from getting the virus, that has a survival rate of 99.98%!

If I were to naturally get this virus, my body would have lifetime natural immunity.

Click Here to view a list of all companies forcing their employees to comply!

This is Good vs Evil… It is time to boycott!!!!


One last thing… Remember our 1st amendment? Well, YouTube struck again! This time, it deleted a video from David Icke from 11/10/20. I have attached the video, just in case you want to see it.



Here are some important events happening in The Classroom that will help with creating positive change in your life:




      • You can discover new goals, release past trauma, learn to trust in God, and embrace EVERYTHING in your life because it has purpose by attending the New Truths Series: I AM the SOLUTION virtual weekend workshop & Continuing Education for the Soul, September 17-19, 2021. Click Here to learn more and register… Space is limited, REGISTER NOW!


I am still excited about all last week’s class sessions…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s lessons, there are many ways you can still learn and grow. All new classes are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past classes on  YouTube, Facebook, Odysee and BitChute. You can also go to Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the “podclass,” at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!


It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show/Classroom!


Monday, 8-30-21 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm  ~ Since 2013, Lorraine Day, M.D, has been poking me in the eye but in a great way. She has helped convict my heart of some New Truths I did not know that I did not know. As I have been sharing, we recently launched the New Truths Series: Book of Revelation with Dr. Day and once again my heart was pierced to trust God even more! She is back in The Classroom to share a new way to look at The Ten Commandments. (Aired 9-1-20)


Tuesday, 8-31-21 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm ~ Richard Horowitz, MD, is the author of Why Can’t I Get Better,andHow Can I Get Better?Dr. Horowitz has taught us to become our own “MD,” medical detective. Dr. Horowitz is back to share what to do if we have symptoms and no one can help us figure out the cause. It’s the perfect day to take our health back! (Aired 9-2-20)


Wednesday, 9-1-21 YouTube or Facebook LIVE 12:05 pm ~ When I first heard about  Lorraine Day, M.D., I was researching water and its benefits. What I did not expect was that I would get poked in the eyes and totally grow to love learning with Dr. Day! Fortunately, the lessons in The Classroom have gone beyond science and have led us to learn about the character of God. Dr. Day is back to teach us, once again, about the benefits of water.


Thursday, 9-2-21 YouTube or Facebook LIVE 12:05 pm  ~ Are you feeling sick and no one can tell you why? Could our chemically grown food be making you sick? Joe Pizzorno, ND, is the author of The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health­–­AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO FIX IT.”  Dr. Pizzorno has made a new discovery about our food. He is back to share how important the “unimportant” molecules in our food can be.


Friday, 9-3-21 Facebook Watch Party 12:05 pm ~ David Icke is an world renowned English writer, public speaker, and former media personality best known for his views on what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world.” David has been sharing such controversial information, that those who oppose his message would love for you not to learn the fact that you hold all the answers within. (Aired 9-3-20)


It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s listen, discuss, and all learn together!

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