Yesterday, my greatest teacher was a beautiful woman who lost her mother in a tragic violent senseless crime!  I do not think she knew how great a teacher she was being but let me share what I learned from her…


This beautiful woman is Strong, Passionate, Loving & Forgiving!  The joy I normally feel when I am around her is contagious but yesterday her light was dim.  Who can blame her; she has suffered a great & tragic loss!   In her grief, she was sharing how her mother was murdered and as she recalled the details; her pain filled our entire room.


I knew our gathering was coming to an end and I didn’t want to leave her without seeing that beautiful smile so I gently changed the conversation and I began to ask her questions about her goals.    She began to share that on her refrigerator there was a picture of her DREAM home!  I asked her if she knew the color scheme of her new house and she replied; “Oh Yes, I know the colors are black and white! She told me everything about the house that was on her refrigerator.  As she continued with every detail, I immediately saw her expression change from deep sorrow to intense hope!  I then asked her; “how does it feel to be in your beautiful new home?” To that she replied; “Oh, it feels awesome!” That sparkle and passion returned to her eyes and for that moment, there was joy!


The thoughts in our mind are so powerful that they can cripple us or they can lift our spirits…  First, there is a thought… Then the thought becomes a feeling.  Finally, that feeling becomes an action but it all begins with a thought.


Here is how she was my teacher…  I learned that a single light can eliminate darkness; so can a positive thought.  I learned that the thoughts in our mind will instantly transform us.  Thoughts can make us sad or they can bring us joy!


We need to protect our thoughts.  When we recognize a thought as not supporting how we want to feel now, we can choose out of that thought!


When I recognize a thought as not supporting my character or desires, I can choose to stop replaying, in my mind what happened and focus on knowing that everything happens for a reason; even when I do not understand why!  Good times, bad times, they all pass and it is my job to trust that this too will make me stronger!”


At first, shifting my thoughts took time but now my awareness comes as second nature.  The way I shift is by telling myself my mantra; “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise, I am love! (I learned that from another friend.)  😉


By reminding myself what I am, (Even if it has not been materialized), I can refocus on how I choose to feel.  Our thoughts are our choice and even in our darkest hour, we can choose to “shift on a dime!”


To help us learn more about our thoughts go to: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/you-can-heal-your-life/

  1. SHIFT ON A DIME! Lately, that’s all of the time! I am reaching out and getting help because I’m asking for it. It’s the love and support that keeps me going and there sure is plenty of it out there. Sometimes I forget that… all you have to do is ask for what you want! I think that “Shifting” is an art in a sense. It takes much work to be able to do it at the right time in order to make a difference in your own life, which will then make a difference in others lives. We are in control and have more power than we are aware. We have to dig deep and tap into it is all. I have come a long way in the last few years and I have realized that anything is possible but you must take action to make “it” happen. Once a person reaches the capability of becoming “conscious and aware” we only need a reminder from time to time of what it is we originally set out to accomplish and become. What it is that we want to accomplish is to make a difference in this world and model what we want to leave behind for our loved ones to carry on. Our essence… who we truly are is what we want to be remembered. We must strive to do all things from LOVE and allow ourselves to “feel” the feelings we hold inside, shift to something positive and move forward. I want to continue to “make a difference” in the world and my own family . If everyone thinks these kinds of thoughts we will definitely make a difference over time which will allow us to reach critical mass for CHANGE. I am eager to make a change and do things differently but, I must always remind myself of these three things:
    “How did I create it?”
    “What are the gifts and lessons?”
    “How am I going to do things differently to change it / or the situation?”

    Then… before I make a decision, after reaching out of course, I allow myself time (24hrs) or so to think about it. I try never to make any decisions in haste. Then, it’s time to take action and Yes, I’m still struggling with that one, the TAKING ACTION !!
    I love you all and thanks for listening, Hugs 4444 ……. Barb <3

    • Thanks so much for sharing!
      We are always in choice and I am proud that you are choosing LOVE over fear.
      A long time ago, I was giving a talk on fear… I didn’t like how paralyzing fear can be and wanted to change the meaning of the word. I wanted fear to mean something positive or at least help me “shift out” of negativity. So I now use the acronym FEAR as a reminder to Focus Everything And Rest in the one who created me! Much Love, L

  2. I love you Lillian, and everything you STAND for. You are a beautiful woman and YOU are making a difference. 4444

    • You spot it, you got it! Thank you for your support… Become a teacher on this sight by sharing your gifts & lessons!
      Much Love,

  3. Awesome site… I love this! And … T he M iracles C ontinue O : – )

  4. Awesome post! It reminds me of my favorite Bible verse: “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” (John 1:5).

  5. This is perfect!! She and you are valuable teachers! Was just having this very conversation topic with my mom this morning! I have copied my mom this to share the message of how powerful our thoughts/prayers are! For me my thoughts are my prayers and that is why I know how powerful they as one are! Thank you! Gratefully your friend,

    Michelle 4444

    • Thank you Michelle!
      Your feedback is so greatly appreciated and I hope to continue to read your reflections on my blog.
      Please continue to encourage others to not only view my site but also become a subscriber!
      Much Love,

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