Today, as I was journaling, this title came to my heart and I thought… How many times have we heard this thought, feeling, action, word, as the answer to all our problems yet we still struggle for solutions?


“Love one another as I have loved you” replaced Ten Commandments and prior to the 10 commandments, there were so many laws & commands that we were doomed to fail. “Not wanting to fail or break the rules” seems more important than the awareness of one logical solution; LOVE. In fact, most religions are fear based. Yes, I said it! We cannot keep 1 commandment, let alone 10 so if you are anything like me, the fear of breaking one commandment might keep us from achieving true unconditional Love.  Fear vs. Love = EGO vs. Essence… Fear will keep us paralyzed, unhappy and small; Love, will set us free!


I want you to take a moment and think about this question … How would your life be different, today, if you learned that you only had one week to live? Would you live your life in urgency or would you continue living life as you are doing?
Because I want to hear from you, I will be the first to become vulnerable… (Remember, you can remain anonymous when you share ;-))
If I only had 1 week to live, first, I would confirm that all my affairs are in order. Then, I would surround myself with my family and friends. Although they all know how much I love them, I would make sure, there was no doubt and that each had a scheduled date, with no distractions. At our scheduled date, I would stand face to face, look deep into their eyes and hold their hands. Slowly, I would take my right hand and place it over my heart and then take my left hand and place it over their heart… no words needed, just gratitude. (Wow, tears are flowing, just thinking about it…) After I wipe all my tears, I would give each a treasured possession and would acknowledge their goodness. I would take 100% responsibility for my unflattering behavior and ask for their forgiveness. Then, after all the words are spoken, I would ask them to dance with me. We would proceed to dance, as if no one was watching, to “Suavemente” by Evis Crespo.


What do you think this world would be like, if we lived life with this kind of urgency?


So now, it is your turn to share… How would you spend your last week on this earth? I look forward to read what you would do and in the meantime, I have some appointments to make!

  1. After putting the important paper work clear and and organized I will spend my time with my love ones mostly my kids and do something fun and memorable together in a place we have not been yet
    Just enjoying each other love and company
    As well as telling them how much I love them even if they already know!
    Ill make sure to see my close friends and family too

    • Yes only love

    • How wonderful for you to share… Thank You!

    • I too would make sure affairs are in order and then I would take my family someplace we could all just enjoy each other, spend time together and let them know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I would invite my closest and dearest friends to come along and if they could not, I would let them know just how much they mean to me and ask forgiveness from all loved ones for my lack of understanding over the years. I would then find a priest and ask forgiveness for any of my sins so I could feel at ease with myself and be comfortable my last few hours. I would surround myself with my Grandchildren and use my time to leave them a book behind so when the subject of Grandma comes up they could go to this book and show people notes and pictures of who I was and what I thought of my life, my family. I would also leave one behind for my own kids who are grown. I might also make a video perhaps. If there was any time left I would try to make my way to the Grand Canyon to see GODS beauty. Thank you

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