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Four years ago, a company that offered to pay me almost twice my base salary and a commission structure to die for, recruited me!  I liked where I was employed but didn’t see how I would be able to make that kind of money and accepted the position.

Moving forward, the new company trained me and I was excited for this new opportunity.  I could not wait to exceed their expectations but quickly realized that the “sale cycle” took over 3 months.  (They knew this, as well but did not tell me.)  All was going well but towards 1 ½ months I was asked to provide my clients contact information and so I created a weekly log.  The pressure to perform increased and expectations were unreasonable but my new employers seem to love all my ideas and the progress I was making.  On the 89th day, they let me go.  They told me that the contract I signed had a 90 day “out clause” and they could let me go “without cause”.  They also told me that my non-compete would be enforced, so to not even think about working with the competition.  I was in shock and could not believe they had done this to me!  (This is my “victim” story!)

  1. I created this problem because I did not research this company and didn’t ask enough questions about the “out clause” or “non-compete”.   I also ignored my intuition…  I felt something was not right with this company but I let the money they were offering cloud my vision.
  2. I learned never to sign a contract without learning more about the company I am about to work with and will ask a ton of questions about “probationary” period.  The gifts & lessons were many and through the process of working for this company, I made great contacts.  I learned that I could rise to challenges and that I had a gift for connecting with people I just met.
  3. What is different is that I no longer sign “non-competes” and I now research my clients much better.  I listen to my intuition and follow my instincts.
  4. How will I use this experience?  Well, because I made so many wonderful connections, I was able to start my own company.  Three hours after I hung up with that dreadful call, I had my first client.  Six hours later, I had my second client!   I now had the freedom to be helpful to my clients without the expectations of an employer.  My goal is always to listen to my clients and by doing so I can provide the services and support they need while being true to my essence.

I feel empowered to not have remained a victim or harbor a grudge.  That experience, although painful, helped me see that these were lessons I needed to learn in order to push me to start my own company.  I never thought I would want this responsibility but the benefits are great; I can never be “let go” and I love my boss!  😉

I want to learn from you… become a teacher!!!  What is your “victim” to 100% Responsibility story?