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“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”   ― Mahatma Gandhi


First, you have a thought.  That thought converts into a feeling and finally, that feeling converts into an action.   If the thought is negative, then you start to feel sad, anxious or depressed and act accordingly.  If the thought is positive, then you act joyful, excited or hopeful!  Well, if it is that simple, why are so many people miserable?


We have approximately 70,000 thoughts in a day and for the most part, we are totally unaware that we are even having them.  All negative thoughts have the potential to sabotage our lives and we will create an unhappy life.


The mind is a powerful tool and when there is clear intention, what you think will come to be.   This is called the Law of Attraction.  So let’s examine our thoughts…


Are you thinking about what you don’t want?


  1. I do not have a job…  There is no work out there.  Who’s going to hire me?
  2. I don’t want a man/woman who cheats?
  3. I hate making mistakes…  I am so stupid!
  4. Why is it when I am running late, I only get red lights?
  5. I just look at food and gain weight…  I am so fat!


Do these thoughts sound familiar?  If so, you will attract exactly what you DON”T want because that is where you are focusing your energy!


About 15 years ago I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say; “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change!”  So let’s rephrase the above thoughts and focus on what we want.


  1. I will find a great job because I add value to every company that employs me.
  2. Loyalty is a priority…  I am grateful that the man/woman of my dreams is loyal.
  3. Wow…  That was a great lesson to learn!
  4. I am grateful for green lights, especially when I want to be on time.
  5. I release weight easily because I eat nutritious foods.  I love my body!

Are you done rolling your eyes yet?  😉


So now, I will quickly share my greatest awareness and why I created the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Positive Affirmation Audio…


Do you believe in a “Higher Power”?  I call this Higher Power God; others say Yahweh, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Jehovah, Source or The Universe!  If you do believe, then you know that this Higher Power is everywhere and it is inside me and inside of you!  So if this Power is in us…  What can we do?  This Power can do all things; right?  It can heal…  Make all things perfect…  Forgive & Love… Restore & Renew…  The list is endless!  (I am not suggesting we are equal to God but it is my belief that The God in me, can do all things!)


The reality is that each one of us has the power within to do whatever we allow our minds to dream, think, create or feel.   (I will do another post on this belief, if you want to learn more about my spirituality.)


I hope you will feel, think and act positively as a result of listening to my audio.  Listen as often as you can, repeat what I say and believe it!  (I will be creating more Positive Affirmation audios.)  Be gentle on yourself and set yourself up for the life you really want.  Guard your thoughts like a mother guards her child and create the life of your dreams!  The “I AM” in you, is perfect!


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