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Would you just breathe once and say; “I am done breathing, I don’t need to take another breath!”  I sure hope not because if you hold your breath, you will pass out, fall to the ground and possibly bump your head.  Hopefully, you will start breathing while you are unconscious and when you wake up, realize that was not a good plan.  😉  Interestingly enough that is how many of us live our lives…  in resistance!


Well, personal growth is like breathing!  You keep doing it until you take your final breath.


We remodel our kitchen, tune up our cars, update our computers but what happens with our own personal remodeling, tuning up and updating who we are?  Going to a good workshop will give us new tools when it comes to building our lives. Learning new things about ourselves can be life changing and give us instant joy. The benefits of investing in ourselves are immeasurable and its fruit is handed down from generation to generation.


I just found out that on April 26-27, 2014 the “I Can Do It!” conference is coming to Fort Lauderdale and Dr. Wayne Dyer is the keynote speaker!   If you are interested in learning more click here: I Can Do It! 2014 – Fort Lauderdale – Full Conference Pass.   If you do not want to do the full conference, click here   Whatever you choose…   Book it Dan-O!


I am so excited; I am almost done packing my bags…  Who wants to join me?