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Just recently, I needed to reconnect with my Spirit. So I headed to beautiful Cocoa Beach all by myself.



I love to sit at the water’s edge so that the waves end up at my feet but no one else seems to like that.  Since I was by myself, I was going to get as close as I wanted.  After scoping my spot, I put my umbrella base deep in the sand. (By the way, that took a while 😉 )   I began to place the top part of the umbrella on the base but the wind took my umbrella and turned it inside out…  Did you know that the wind at the shoreline is stronger than where there is looser sand?



Fast forward…  I have an audience now possibly thinking “give it up lady!”  Fortunately, I truly believe the following; “it is none of my business what people think of me!”  I start the process of turning my umbrella “outside in” but after 10 minutes or so, and multiple people trying to assist what looked like a woman being swallowed by her umbrella, I realized that death had been bestowed onto my umbrella.  Calmly & reverently, I tossed that umbrella into a trashcan…  Yes, a burial at sea!  (Well, at the seashore at least)



Ok, I have been at the beach for a while now and no reconnection of Spirit has occurred.  So, I grab my chair and cooler and as I sat by the water’s edge, I realized; “I have no umbrella, no security from the sun, I will just go for a walk and then go home.” Well, what happened next, I did not expect!



As I started my walk, I noticed the tension in my body.  My thoughts were all over the place but I remembered my goal to connect with myself and decided to be in the moment, to become aware of what I was doing.  I turned my attention to the cool water and firm sand at my feet.  I felt the sun at my back and saw the blue sky with many white fluffy clouds.   Suddenly I noticed ahead, to the left, a bunch of birds in a line.  It was almost like being at an “avian airport.”  To the right on the shore, many little birds were being taught how to fly and dive for their own meals.  I slowed my pace as I knew I had stumbled onto something very special and began to witness nature at its finest!



As I was observing the different responses of the little birds, I suddenly noticed that it was windy and the ocean was not calm.  These were very real challenges for these birds but they started taking off anyway.  Their little wings were flapping so fast that it was comical.   Some took off in groups and they would all give up at the same time.  Other birds tried for a bit but the elements were too big a challenge and they just hung out at the shoreline chirping, bathing and having fun! But there were a handful of determined little birds that faced the elements and surpassed the rest.  One in particular fascinated me so much that I sat down to observe this class on life lessons.  I ended up calling the little bird “LB”.



LB was not like the rest of them…  LB was FEARLESS!!!   LB’s wings fluttered hard and the stronger the wind the more LB’s wings fluttered.  (LB did whatever it took to succeed!) There were times I thought LB would be swallowed by the waves but each time it seemed the flight was over, LB would come back to shore only to start again.



I saw LB’s confidence grow as I witnessed his first attempt to dive and eat a minnow.  LB kept going further into the ocean and became a master right before my eyes.



Being in the moment allowed a sense of joy within me and I felt my Spirit Soar…  Before I knew it, I began to see myself in LB.  So, here is what I learned:



  • LB had no options, survival depends on skill and we must learn to develop them fast!


  • LB didn’t think; “What if I fail?” “What if I get hurt?”  “What will other’s think of me?” “Will I get judged for being different?”  LB just did it!


  • LB followed its intuition and kept at it until mastery occurred. Instead of fearful thoughts…  How about these thoughts instead:  “I am Successful!” “I am Strong!”  “I am Capable!”  “I am Unique!” “I can do it!”


  • LB had no option but to fly!  Neither do WE!!!



What about US?  We have so many conversations in our minds before we even get started on our journey.  This self talk can become paralyzing and become our “Limited Beliefs”! (LB)



So, I ask YOU…   “Do you allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back?  If so, it is time to become FEARLESS like LB!




Want to be FEARLESS?  So here is my acronym for FEARLESS…    Follow Every Avenue Responsibly, Learning Empowerment Skills, Successfully!!! 



What are you willing to do today, in order to live the life of your dreams?   It is time to soar and be FEARLESS…  If a little bird can do it, so can YOU & I!




So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…  

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