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Have you or a loved one been treated for pain and other health symptoms without relief? Do you want to understand why you are sick and have a clear idea of how to get better and recover? Once you discover Dr. Thomas Levy’s Roadmap to Health, we believe you’ll never look back!

“One of the Best Workshops” you will ever attend!

For an Early Registration price of just $299.00, each Registrant:
* Will experience learning directly from Dr. Thomas Levy
* Will learn A ROADMAP to Health that can be implemented immediately
* Will benefit by learning how to relieve pain and other health symptoms
* Will be stunned to learn the one essential key to the cause and elimination of all disease

Special Note:
* Time will be set aside for Dr. Levy to address your questions
* Early Registration ends on Tuesday, November 30th
* After November 30th, the price will be $350.00

“This Will Be The Most Important Workshop You Will Attend… EVER!”

Why Do You Deserve This Workshop? And Why is Now the Greatest Time to Attend…EVER?


To experience a very special Roadmap to Health Workshop directly with Dr. Thomas Levy.



Anyone who believes they are not getting proper treatment but don’t know what to do. It is for those who are developing a mistrust in doctors and pharmaceuticals. This is especially for those who want to take responsibility for their health, for those who are an advocate for their own health.



This workshop is not for those who just want to take two or three supplements to recover. It is not for those who want to see someone and have everything taken care of, meaning those who are more passive and want someone else to care for them.



The live six hour session begins on Sunday, February 6, 2022 at 11 AM Eastern Time. We recommend having a pen/pencil and notebook to be ready to take lots of notes.

Here is the date and time:

Workshop Details:
Sunday, February 6, 2022: 12 noon to 6 pm Eastern Time


This six hour workshop will be conducted live via Zoom.