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New Truths Series

Are you suffering from pain or other symptoms? Have you tried multiple ways to find relief but you have not been able to?


The Roadmap to Health Workshop with Dr. Thomas Levy is what you have been waiting for!

What You Will Gain From this Workshop:

Benefit #1

You will be able to understand why you are sick and have clear ideas on how to get better and recover.

Benefit #2

You will have direct contact with Dr. Thomas Levy including answers to many of your questions.

Benefit #3

Besides gaining the Roadmap to Health, you will build your own health intuition.

For an Early Registration price of just $299, each Registrant:
* Will experience learning directly from Dr. Thomas Levy
* Will learn A ROADMAP to Health that can be implemented immediately
* Will benefit by learning how to relieve pain and other health symptoms
* Will be stunned to learn the one essential key to the cause and elimination of all disease

Special Note:
* Time will be set aside for Dr. Levy to address your questions
* Early Registration ends on Tuesday, November 30th
* After November 30th, the price will be $350

Register for this Amazing Workshop Below:


Live Zoom Workshop: $350/person
Early Registration (Ends on 11/30/21): $299/person

Attending this Roadmap to Health workshop could help you finally gain a plan for relief of the pain and other symptoms that have not responded to other treatments. This very well can lead to improving the quality of your life. The roadmap will be clear but not simple. You will understand why you are sick and have a clear idea on how to get better and recover. Far too many people are not getting the proper treatment and don’t know what to do. There is a growing mistrust of doctors and pharmaceuticals. The key to moving forward is to be ready, willing, and able to take 100% responsibility for your health. You need to become an active advocate for your own healthcare. Once you take this important step, you will be ready to receive your Roadmap to Health.


– Led by Dr. Thomas Levy