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It is day 4 of my blood cleanse and the day is almost done!   I am happy to report that I am still alive!



I have had some mild pains.  For example, on both day 3 and 4 I woke up with mild pain on the lower right side of my back and have had a slight headache but nothing compared to the headache Peyton Manning woke up with this morning; YIKES!  



The tea tastes much stronger…  The ingredient I taste the most is the Red Clover but it is still palatable.    I have noticed that I’ve been going to the bathroom more frequently but perhaps it is because I am drinking more water than usual.   (I normally drink ½ my body weight in ounces but I am drinking more!)  So far…  Easy Peasy!




If tomorrow, I experience a different symptom or change in any way, I will post an update.  I do not anticipate anything being different so, feel free to check out the two latest shows on my site called:





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