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I AM the SOLUTION Workshop


Workshop Details:
Friday, March 17, 6 pm to between 9 & 10 pm
Saturday, March 18, 12 noon to between 6 & 7 pm
Sunday, March 19, 12 noon to between 6 & 7 pm
(All times are Eastern Time)
This workshop will be conducted virtually on Zoom

Early registration Now through February 28: $225/person
After early registration, beginning on March 1: $299/person

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Do you believe there should be more to this life?
Are you bothered about not living up to your potential?
Are there obstacles blocking you from living the life of your dreams? In your career? Relationships? Finances? And more?
Then this workshop is for you!
In this workshop, we will discover, release, trust, and Embrace.
You will leave feeling empowered with a SOLUTION to begin living the life of your dreams and realize your potential.