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New Truths Series

Are there obstacles blocking you from the life of your dreams?

New Truths Series: I AM the SOLUTION with Lillian McDermott

What You Will Gain From this Workshop:

Benefit #1

You will be able to understand how the mind works and why we do what we do.

Benefit #2

You will learn to look at life and challenges through a different set of eyes

Benefit #3

Set yourself free from the past through “SOLUTION-Based” thinking.

For an Early Registration price of just $250, each Registrant Receives:
* Access to all three weekend live sessions with Lillian McDermott
* A SOLUTION to live the life of your dreams
* Strength to overcome fears and obstacles
* Access some recordings from very special experts
* Access to the New Truths Series private Facebook page and community

Special Note
* This price is about the same as two coaching sessions with Lillian
* Early Registration ends on Friday, March 31st
* After March 31st, the price will be $299

Register for this Amazing Workshop Below:

I Am The Solution Workshop

Early registration Now through March 31st: $250/person
After early registration, beginning on April 1: $299/person

This workshop will be unique and take you on a special journey. Lillian McDermott has completed a significant amount of personal growth activities over the past ten years. She is a certified life coach and has the rare ability to assist people to look beyond the problem and become the SOLUTION.

Lillian will be live via Zoom throughout this workshop including joining special small group break out sessions.


– Led by Lillian McDermott


As a Certified Life Coach, Lillian has helped hundreds create their vision, identify their obstacles, and build their plans to live the life of their dreams. Thousands follow Lillian on
YouTube.com/LillianMcDermottRadioShow, and