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New Truths Series

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Would you love to be self sufficient and rely on God and yourself for food and water? Are you ready to be empowered to begin living off the land? Are you ready to gain survival skills in a way that is healthy for your body?

Why Learn about Survival Skills Now?

Who’s Qualified to Teach Survival Skills?

What to Expect from this Workshop

Garry Tibbo & Lillian McDermott: Thriving off the Land Part 1 – 02-15-22

Garry Tibbo & Lillian McDermott: Thriving off the Land Part 2 – 02-18-22

Meet & Greet Highlights

#1: God’s Laws of Nature

#2: 3 Laws of Survival

#3: Healing with Nature & Natural Remedies

#4: Cooking with Garry

#5: Worth More Than Gold: Food & Plant Knowledge

#6: Basic Tools

#7: Water Supply

#8: The Importance of Salt: Fermentation, Kombucha, Pickling

#9: Buy Some Land & Make a Plan: Living Off the Land

#10: Feeding Your Family on a Dime

#11: Learn Physical Skills: Carpentry, Gardening, Planting

#12: Bonus Topic: TBD