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New Truths Series

Do our current events make you feel fearful? And wondering who to trust?

New Truths Series: 50 Lessons from the Exodus with Dr. Lorraine Day

What You Will Gain From this Bible Study?

Benefit #1

You will be able to understand how the Lessons from the Exodus can be a guide for our lives today

Benefit #2

These sessions will be live through Zoom allowing you intimate access to Dr. Lorriane Day

Benefit #3

This is your opportunity to study God’s Word without any connection to a particular religion

Be among the first to Register

For just $75 you will Receive:

* Access to all live sessions with Dr. Day and Lillian McDermott
* Access to all session recordings for future reference
* Access to all of Dr. Day’s session handouts
* Access to the New Truths private Facebook page and community

Register for this Amazing Study Below:


Early registration December 14 through December 20: $60/person
After early registration, beginning on December 21 $75/person

This Bible study will be unique and not associated with any denomination. Dr. Lorraine Day has deeply researched the Greek Hebrew Bible. She will share her perspective based on over 30 years of study. She has the rare ability to share the lessons from the Exodus. Thousands follow Dr. Lorraine Day and her teachings through her websites DrDay.com and GoodNewsaboutGod.com.


– Led by Dr. Lorraine Day


Lillian McDermott is a graduate of Bible Study Fellowship, a 7-year non-denominational Bible study leadership program and a Certified Life Coach. Thousands follow Lillian on WhenYouNeedaFriend.com
YouTube.com/LillianMcDermottRadioShow, and


– Moderated by Lillian McDermott