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Happy Sunday!



As we start this week, I have some Great News to share about WMEL and The Lillian McDermott Radio Show!



For my Listening Friends who tune into my show on AM 1300 WMEL, starting on August 10th, The Lillian McDermott Radio Show will be heard on AM 1060 WMEL  (and no longer on AM 1300)  This is great news because, with its far stronger radio signal, the show can be heard from Daytona Beach to West Palm Beach and from Brevard County to most of inland Central Florida, on your AM Dial of your car or home radio.  The time of the show will change as well…  Now the show will be heard from 8 am – 9 am.  The change in time means that I finally made it to “Drive time” hours!!!  



So mark your calendar…  Starting Monday, August 10th, The Lillian McDermott Radio Show will be on AM 1060 WMEL from 8 am to 9 am and as always, you can hear the show worldwide at WhenYouNeedaFriend.com…   Our Listening Family will just get larger!



I am looking for new advertisers and sponsors that align with The Lillian McDermott Show’s theme of 100% Responsibility and Empowerment.  Radio is making a comeback and if you are interested or know someone who wants to support the show, please email me at Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com.  Advertising on the radio is more affordable than you think!



I am still excited about all of last week’s shows…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life and I hope you enjoyed them as well.  If you missed listening to any of last week’s shows, they are now updated daily… Click Here to listen and let’s continue to Grow Together!



It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show!




Monday, 8-3-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~  It’s “Money Monday” and CPA Dan Henn  has been missed!  Now he is back and ready to share his wisdom.  It doesn’t have to be tax season to deal with the IRS and many have questions for him.  Perhaps you too have a question about your money or taxes…  If so, email me at Lilly@WhenYouNeedaFriend.com.  No problem is too big or small, if you have a question, Dan will answer them all!



Tuesday, 8-4-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~  Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is a relationship expert, best-selling author, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® healing process. She is recommended by actress Lindsay Wagner and singer Alanis Morissette. Margaret has been featured on Oprah and has helped so many worldwide.  She has counseled individuals and couples, and will share steps on how to achieve spiritual healing.  I cannot wait for us to learn from her.



Wednesday, 8-5-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ On January 18, 1989, Baptist minister Don Piper was on his way home from a conference when a semi-trailer truck struck his car. Don was crushed by the roof of his car, the steering wheel impaled his chest, and the dashboard collapsed both of his legs. When paramedics arrived, there was no sign of life.  Don will share his 90 Minutes in Heaven and his journey of love.




Thursday, 8-6-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ Dr. Kevin Green and Dr. Ray Adamcik, of Live Longer Medical, are back and we will check on the journey of their patient with Low Testosterone and Low Libido.   We will also discuss how the services at Live Longer Medical help optimize the health of all their patients.




Friday, 8-7-15 – 9 am to 10 am ~ Guess who’s baack?  Marc Anthony Nicolas, is an Emmy Award Winning Producer of “The Talk” on CBS and the host of The On Your Marc Show.   We will catch up with what is happening on his show and also discuss our top perceived problems that lead to lessons on personal growth!




It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!





So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…  

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show

~  Weekdays from 9 am to 10 am  ~

On “The Talk To Me Station” AM 1300 WMEL & Worldwide on www.WhenYouNeedaFriend.com

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Listen on your Smart Phone by going to my homepage and scroll down to “live stream”!  It is that easy!  😉



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