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Happy Sunday!

They say that the relationship we have with our fathers will model our relationship with our creator. Today is the day we honor our fathers. Since I will be doting over my 88 year old father and my husband, I will share one of my past articles on Florida Today called The Value of a Father.” Additionally, I am including a link to the interview with Tim Walters about that same article.  Click Here to view it.

Oh, and one last thing, I want to thank my beautiful husband Robert for not only being a wonderfully supportive husband, but for being a loving father to our children.


Robert with our children. (From Left) Ashley, Brittney, Blake

Celebrating Father’s Day a bit earlier this year with our children. (From left back) Ashley, Robert, Me, Bryan, Jacob, Brittney, Misti & Blake. (Front) Rylan, Bailey & Jonathan

Happy Father’s Day!


I am still excited about all last week’s shows… Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s shows, there are many ways you can still do that. All new shows are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past shows on  (YouTube, and on Facebook. Or you can go to Apple Podcasts, Google Play MusicSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the podcasted shows, commercial free, at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!

It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show!


Monday, 6-17-19 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm ~ Albert Mensah, MD’s mentor,  and the author of “Nutrient Power,William Walsh, PhD, shared in the classroom that people who suffer from behavioral health issues have certain deficiencies that are, for the most part, naturally reversable. The last time Albert Mensah, MD, was in the classroom, he gave away tests and consultations. We are going to follow up with a couple of the winners and see how supplements have affected their lives.


Tuesday, 6-18-19 Facebook Watch Party 5:05 pm ~ Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the approved methods doctors use to conventionally treat cancer. These methods are tough on the body and they only treat the symptom. What if there was another way? Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy is the author of “The Cancer Revolution,” and the medical director of the Center for New Medicine and the Center for Healing in California. She will share how to heal prostate and uterine cancer, naturally! (Aired 6-22-18)


Wednesday, 6-19-19 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm~ Did you know that some diabetics have reversed their diabetes within 2 weeks? Yes! World-renowned bestselling author Dr. Joel Furhman is passionate about using food as medicine. Medical research supports Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” plan. We will discuss how G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds) are the best prescription for “The End of Diabetes!


Thursday, 6-20-19 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm ~ Rebecca Black, co-founder of Keep Me Safe Organics, has taught us how we can use make up to look beautiful while choosing toxin free beauty products. This time we are recording the show right from “The Beauty Bar” in Rockledge! Two lucky listeners/viewers will receive a makeover from Rebecca. We will see the razzle-dazzle transformation right before our eyes! Who wants to volunteer? Text/Call me 407-373-5959 to win!

By the way…  To get 10% off your purchase, go to Keep Me Safe Organicsenter code “Lilly10,” and SAVE! 


Friday, 6-21-19 Facebook Watch Party 5:05 pm ~ Are you on antidepressants or any mind-altering medications? Are you thinking about taking a psychotropic medication? Alice Lee, MD, ABIHM, is a holistic and integrative psychiatrist practicing in Maryland. She combines nutritional medicine (orthomolecular psychiatry), energy medicine, and other alternative therapies in the treatment of mental health conditions. She will teach us how supplements can be more effective than a pharmaceutical drug. (Aired 5-29-18)

It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!

So, let’s discuss, listen and we will all learn together…  

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