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Happy Sunday!

Robert and I promised ourselves that we would have an electronic free week…

Well, we knew we had a few work commitments but after that, all we did was replenish, restore, reset, and relax!


Here are some of our vacation highlights!  

Breathtaking views from the Walnut St Bridge


The Walnut Street Bridge… Connects Downtown Chattanooga to the north shore.


Robert and I loved Chattanooga, TN and Tennessee River Valley


Robert & I had a picnicked on a rock overlooking the river, in Gatlinburg.


The view from our picnic rock


Smokey Mountains Gatlinburg, TN


Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Nashville, TN
The only trees I could find that were truly in the process of changing colors. 😉


Enjoying our time at Bicentennial State Park


Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park


While in Nashville, we had to go to Grand Ole Opry!


Famers Market, Nashville


Our last day on vacation was spent in GA at Rock City!

Sunset Rock… My Happy Place!


There are no words I can say to express my gratitude to The Creator!

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I am still excited about all last week’s class sessions…  Such great inspirational people who touched my life. I hope you enjoyed them as well. If you missed listening to or watching any of last week’s lessons, there are many ways you can still learn and grow. All new classes are updated to our website on the day they air (Click Here to listen). You can watch my past classes on  (YouTube, Facebook and BitChute. You can also go to Apple Podcasts, Google Play MusicSpotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. search for “Lillian McDermott,” and listen to the “podclass,” at your leisure (Click Here to learn more). Let’s continue to Grow Together!


It is a new week and here is what’s happening on

The Lillian McDermott Radio Show/Classroom!


Monday, 11-9-20 Facebook Watch Party 5:05 pm  ~ It has been a while since Orly Wahba has been in the classroom. I am truly excited to reconnect with her. Orly was the director of the Kindness Boomerang viral video, the creator of Dance for Kindness, and the founder of Life Vest Inside. As we enter into the holidays it is especially important to be aware of our stress levels and create a plan to replace stress with kindness. Orly will share tips on how to choose kindness all year long. (Aired 11-12-19)


*Please note time change

Tuesday, 11-10-20 Facebook LIVE 12:05 pm ~ World renowned author David Icke has taken a stand on controversial topics. As a result, he has been banned from many social media platforms. Gladly, he keeps finding a way out. The last time David was in the classroom, we discussed his book, The Answer. He is back with not just answers, but as we get ready for my weekend workshop, we will talk about The Solution!


Wednesday, 11-11-20 Facebook LIVE 5:05 pm ~ Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is a board-certified internist and nationally known expert in the fields of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep, and pain. As a result of his own health crisis and his journey to health, he created his S.H.I.N.E. protocol. S.H.I.N.E. stands for Sleep, Hormones, Infections, Nutrition, and Exercise. Dr. Teitelbaum will share how we can conquer fatigue!


Thursday, 11-12-20 Facebook LIVE 8:05 am  ~ As you know, the I AM the SOLUTION weekend workshop starts on 11/13 and runs through 11/15. I am really excited about all who have made the commitment to grow spirit, mind, and body. Since we still have one day before this EPIC event, I want to share a few surprises!


Friday, 11-13-20 Facebook Watch Party 8:05 am ~ There are times in our lives that we use words like “fight,” “work hard,” or “struggle,” to describe our life. But these words can cause our body to break down. Perhaps it is appropriate to work towards creating and achieving the life we want to create. How do we just embrace what is? I will share how we can improve on what is going wrong, by focusing on what we want. (Aired 11-16-18)


It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air…  Let’s all listen & learn together!


So, let’s discuss, listen and we will all learn together…  

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