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Happy Sunday!



Last week we learned how to live a healthy life of integrity with gratefulness and this week we will continue that conversation. Living the life we were created to live requires awareness and the willingness to look at all areas of our life.  The only way to achieve this awareness is to take 100% Responsibility!



This RESPONSIBILITY is different because it is intended to create empowerment, not shame or guilt. This awareness leads to a new path towards GRATEFULNESS and JOY. It is my desire that we all grow each day, as we get closer to achieving the life of our dreams!  (To learn more about living a 100% RESPONSIBLE LIFE, click here)



By the way, once again, all shows from last week are current on my When You Need a Friend website.  Many THANKS to my Executive Producer for his dedication. You can click here to start learning.




So, here is what’s happening on The Lillian McDermott Radio Show this week.



Monday, 6-23-14 – 9 am to 10 am ~ Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County is a grass roots voice for housing issues affecting low income families and individuals in Brevard County. Through community partnerships, we can empower low-income families and individuals to achieve their full community potential and realize their dream of home ownership. This is done through revitalization of neglected neighborhoods and development of planned communities with essential family support systems. I cannot wait to hear how we can all get involved!



Tuesday, 6-24-14 – 9 am to 10 am ~ More and more I am learning about the lasting effects of infidelity. Both men and women are going outside the marriage to fill a void but this decision is breaking down the family. Psychologist Dr. Jerry De Jesus helps us recognize the signs and understand the underlying reason this is happening. Perhaps if we talk about it, this epidemic will find an antidote.



Wednesday, 6-25-14 – 9 am to 10 am ~ Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries (AMM)  has a non-profit organization that provides disaster relief. Since its inception in 1978, AMM has traveled around the world many times bringing medical supplies, food, clothing, and now the Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier to those in need. Joe Hurston and his team of volunteers have worked to help disaster victims of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and war. The Hurston Family also received an Extreme Makeover Home Edition, when they experienced a disaster in their own home. (Previously aired show 5-6-14)



Thursday, 6-26-14 – 9 am to 10 am ~ Seriously funny, Giovanni Livera started his career with his first paid magic show at the age of 10. He convinced 26 of his friends and neighbors to each pay a dime to watch him perform. And that’s when he learned that anything is possible! Ever since, this stage magician has been making his living entertaining, inspiring and training audiences worldwide. Giovanni will share how we can live the successful life of our dreams.



Friday, 6-27-14 – 9 am to 10 am ~ “Friendly Friday!” Call 321-631-1300 and be our teacher… Is there anything you are feeling “stuck” about? If so, I am here to help with a different perspective! I also want to hear what is going well in your life… Share how you have created your success so we can all learn from you!



It is a busy week and I hope you will set your reminder to meet me on the air… Let’s all listen & learn together!



So talk to me, listen and we will all learn together…
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