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Many of us carry our resentments, pain, and anger like a badge of honor. Some want to heal but just don’t know how. For others, traditional “talk” therapy seems costly or a waste of time. Psychologist and hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has created a formula for success called Rapid Transformational Therapy. Marisa has spent nearly 30 years treating clients including international superstars, CEOs, royalty, and Olympic athletes. She has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues producing dramatic and life-changing results. Marisa is a best-selling author of five books, a speaker, and a teacher who empowers everyone to believe “they are enough!” Marisa will share how we can individually say, “I AM ENOUGH!” I am obsessed with and grateful to Marisa for thinking outside the box.

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Marisa Peer, Discovering I Am Enough

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