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Lack of Judgment or Just Perfect?

Have you ever done something so wrong that all you can say is; “Wow, what was I thinking? I wish I hadn’t done that!!!”  What if your actions were illegal, criminal or immoral and you were caught? How would your life change if you served time in

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I decided to be the first to write in the "100% Responsibility" page… By doing so, I can break the ice. ;-)

Four years ago, a company that offered to pay me almost twice my base salary and a commission structure to die for, recruited me!  I liked where I was employed but didn’t see how I would be able to make that kind of money and accepted the

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“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings Peace” – Buddha

This weekend I had the opportunity to grow with a group of friends.  Together, we completed a “ropes course”.  We played like little kids and had a lot of fun but each game we played,  contained many lessons…  Because I had already experienced one of the games,

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